Spencer Associates Architecture
Walbridge Ranch, Healdsburg, California

Walbridge Ranch, Healdsburg, California


Spencer Associates evolved from the original architectural practice of Edridge(Ted) Spencer, founded in San Francisco in 1927. Since this beginning, four milestones have helped shape our firm’s continuing involvement in the areas of environmental, civic, educational, and museum and visitor center design.

  • Ted and his wife, Jeanette, were appointed as the Park Architect and Artist Consultant, respectively, for Yosemite National Park in 1927. This modest beginning initiated our firm’s long involvement in the design of projects in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The Saratoga Village Library, a small, but important early commission, initiated our firm’s interest in the design of facilities for civic use. Since that time, Spencer Associates has designed numerous civic centers, libraries, and recreational facilities for public use.
  • Ted was appointed as the first campus architect and director of planning at Stanford University in 1945. This rewarding relationship continued for many years during which Ted was instrumental in establishing the architectural future of the campus. Our firm continues this work today for universities and secondary schools in the Bay Area.
  • Spencer Associates was commissioned by the National Park Service in 1971 to design the Indian Arts Museum in Grand Teton National Park. The collaboration of our firm and Barry Howard, Limited established a new standard for the integration of architectural and interpretive design. Since that time, we have designed over forty museums and visitor centers throughout the country.

In addition to Ted’s guidance, eight additional principals have provided stewardship for the firm. Presently, Steven S. Bowers is the managing partner and directs an administrative and technical staff of 12 people.